Complete guide on our ZozoJP module

Zozo JP Task Overview

Normal Mode

  • Which Mode do I use?

    • Normal mode allows you to use your profiles to purchase products fully automated

  • What does Profile mean?

    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out items

      • Once checked out, you will receive an email regarding your purchase. The bot did not use your payment info and you must finish the checkout from email. Continue to click the link and continue checkout from email. The automation acts as a cart hold temporarily, so the product is your unless x amount of time has passed without clicking the link and submitting payment manually. In the future this will be fully automated

  • What type of Proxies should I use?

    • Both ISPs and Resis work. Localhost will not work

  • What URL do I put in?

  • How do I add Sizing?

    • Sizing should be specific to the product and only one size per task. You must know the exact format in which it follows on ZozoJP for each product.

      • Some products are 22, 23, 24. Others might have 22cm, 23cm, 24cm etc. Same goes for clothing, hats, etc. These must be entered in the same exact format for it to be picked up such as sizes S, M, L, etc. If you are going after multiple sizes, you are going to need a task for each size you desire

        • Ex. 22cm

  • What's Product Quantity?

    • Quantity is limited to 1; just fill the field with 1

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