Complete guide on our YeezySupply module
Normal Mode
YeezySupply usually puts up a splash page about 10 minutes before sale goes live. The goal is to get all your tasks into queue (splash). Gmails with a higher trust score will lead to success along with clean proxies. More information about gmails can be found from your cookgroup. Make sure you open your Captcha Harvesters before you start your tasks
  • What mode do I use?
    • Normal mode is the only mode available to use right now
  • What does Profile mean?
    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out items
  • What type of proxies should I use?
    • The best type of proxies to use on YS are a mix of ISPs and Resis
  • What is the SKU and how do I get them?
  • What should I type for Sizes field?
    • You can put R for Random Sizing
    • You may use a size range by separating the sizes with a comma. For example 5-10,11-13 this is you want sizes 5 through 10 and sizes 11 through 13
    • If you want a single size, enter the one size. For example 10.5
  • What is Splash Captcha Provider?
    • It's recommended to use Stellars in bot solvers. Look at this guide on how to setup your Captcha Harvesters here
    • You can also use AYCD, you'll need an active AYCD Toolbox subscription and AYCD Autosolve. Look at this guide on how to integrate AYCD into Stellar. Stellar will send captcha requests to AYCD which will then use your gmails to solve captchas. This is all automated through Stellar and AYCD. AYCD Zendesk Guide
  • What is Rotate Profile?
    • Check this box if you want to rotate to another profile if an error occurs