Walmart CA

Complete guide on our Walmart CA module

  • CA Resis are recommended for, you do not need Canadian ISP proxies for Residential proxies may also be used (if absolutely needed) but watch the amount of data usage. Typically drops are known ahead of time to prevent proxy burns

  • Checkout Proxies will require CA ISP or CA Residential Proxies. Most users will use residential proxies as CA ISP's are harder to come by and a lot do not work on

  • The Checkout Flow for works differently than so the setup will be slightly different.

  • You have two tasks that can be created, a Monitor Task (monitor the SKU of interest), and finally a Normal Task (your Checkout Task).

You will be presented with only 1 mode to choose from when creating tasks. This task will monitor and attempt to check out the item of interest if detected that it is in stock. The following will take you through how to setup the tasks.

Normal Task:

Monitor Mode


  • There is one Checkout "mode" available for Walmart CA called "normal"; This will default to using guest checkout if an "Account" is not selected. If an Account is selected, then it will use that Account to check the item out on !! Payment methods saved to the account is not used, instead it uses the profiles you have created within Stellar. !!

  • Profile

    • Select a profile that you have created in Stellar. This is where you use your hard cards (main credit card brands), or your virtual credit cards or VCC's, with your shipping and billing information.

  • Checkout Proxy

    • If you have CA ISP's that work with Walmart, you can use them here. Otherwise, generate Canadian Residential (Resi) proxies. The quality of the canadian residential proxies DO matter, you may not be able to get passed the PX if your proxies are not good.

  • SKU

  • Delay

    • Any delay between 3000 and 5000 is good, lower if you have a large pool of proxies. During drops this can be lowered. Drop times will be provided by your CG.

  • QTY

    • The best QTY to use is 1, but if the item you're running for allows for more QTY per cart, feel free to increase the QTY.

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