Complete guide on our Walmart module

Accounts and Log In


Common Errors and Fixes

Accounts and Log In

  1. Go to Identities tab, go to Accounts and select Walmart

  1. Click on Add Account

  2. Email: Enter your account email Password: Enter your account password

  3. Click Add and your account information will be saved in your account list. Your task will log into your account upon starting. The Walmart account email has to exactly match the email you have in your profile. You can run a task on an in stock item to ensure everything is setup correctly

Mass Import Accounts

If you have a lot of accounts and want to add them in Stellar quickly, you can mass import them using the steps below

  1. Go to the Identities tab in bot and click on Walmart. Then click the Mass Import Sessions button

  1. Paste in your accounts following the format in the text box Email;Password; For example


  1. Click Save and you're all set!


Fast Mode

Queue Mode

Server Mode

Monitor Mode

Account Mode

  • Which mode do I use?

    • Fast Mode will preload your information in. You can have an account in the account field, use auto gen account feature or use no accounts and it'll be guest checkouts. This is mainly used for any product that doesn't have queue enabled

    • Queue Mode is used for any product that has queue enabled

    • Server Mode allows you to use the Tagging feature and is always a watch task by default. Not only are products monitored serverside but you can run your own monitor tasks to ensure you pickup the product. If an item is picked up using tags, the task will be run for 30 minutes and then stopped

    • Monitor mode is only meant for monitor tasks for watch tasks. These tasks will only do monitoring for watch tasks and will ping them to start when they pick up the item you're monitoring for. You need a SKU and OfferID to monitor products

    • Account Mode allows you to make multiple Walmart accounts in advance of a potential drop. The accounts/cookies expiration is random but we recommend to make accounts a day or two before a potential drop

  • What does Profile mean?

    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out items

    • The Walmart account email has to exactly match the email you have in your profile.

  • What type of Proxies should I use?

    • The best type of proxies to use on Walmart are Resis. The reason is that Walmart's protection towards bots can also flag IPs which means that if you don't have good IPs then you'll be constantly be pinged with captchas to solve. You can use ISPs and DCs if you don't have resis but if you start getting errors then you may have to switch to resis

      • If you're looking for proxies, check out Stella Proxies for high quality ISP and Residential proxies

  • What is the SKU and how do I get them?

  • What is Input List and what do I put? (Server Mode Only)

    • You can manually type in a single SKU (B07RQ1HNFQ)

    • You can select a tag from the drop list that appears. Default and custom tags will appear here and you could customize and edit the tags in the Tags tab above Settings. More information about Tags here

  • What is the Offer ID and how do I get them?

    • The easiest way to get Offer IDs is through Walmart monitors or if your cook group has an Offer ID list. You must provide an Offer ID for your tasks that have an Offer ID field so they're working correctly

  • What Delays should I use?

    • The best delay to use is 4000. If your proxies aren't that good, use 5000 delays

  • What is a good QTY to use?

    • The best QTY to use is 1, but if the item you're running for allows for more QTY per cart, feel free to increase the QTY.

  • What is the Max Price?

    • The max price is how much you're willing to pay for an item. Usually, a max price would have to account for an item's retail price, shipping, and tax. A good math equation to use is Retail Price + $10. This is to account for any extra fees. Max price should be set for 1 quantity of the item even if you are running more than 1 quantity. (12 quantity for example!)

  • What is Allow 3rd Party?

    • 3rd party sellers are sellers, other than Walmart, of the product you are running. These sellers usually have higher than retail prices. If you do not want to monitor these products, leave this blank. If you do want to monitor these products, enable this feature.

  • What is Account?

    Note: To find new accounts email and passwords you created in Stellar go to your config.json file and search ManagedAccountCookie

    • Use Profile Account the profile email will automatically match an account you saved in Stellars Walmart Accounts tab with the same email and proceed to login

    • Autogenerate will automatically create an account when you start your tasks. Your accounts will be saved in Stellar to use with Autogenerate Cookie Bank. You need to have a catchall setup in your settings. Don't include the @

    • Autogenerate Cookie Bank to use accounts to previously autogenerated in Stellar

      • Note: If you want to remove some previously generated accounts you'll have to delete your sessions from your config file

  • Which Captcha Provider should I use?

    • There are currently 6 captcha providers you can use. Solver, 2Captcha, CapMonster, AntiCaptcha, Poseidon and AYCD. You are welcome to choose your favorite but to give more information on Solver, it will use the in-bot captcha solver which will prompt you to solve captchas manually

  • What is Reset Delay?

    • Amount of time before the monitor will restart after it picks up the SKU when it went into stock. A recommended delay would be 60000. (Time in this field is in ms)

  • What are Cart Attempts?

    • The number you input in this field will determine how many times your task will attempt to cart the item

  • What are Checkout Attempts?

    • The number you input in this field will determine how many times your task will attempt to checkout the item

  • What is Watch Task? box?

    • Watch tasks and non-watch tasks are separated into two groups

      • Non-watch tasks will be monitoring the site, which means that it will be using proxies

      • Watch tasks are completely separate from non-watch tasks because watch tasks are "watching" your non-watch tasks waiting for the sku you're running for to restock. Your watch tasks will start attempting to add to cart when its pinged from a non-watch task

        • The only exception here is for serverside items. If the sku you're running for is serverside supported then you don't need a non-watch task to monitor the site as Stellar is already monitoring the sku for you

  • What is Endless Mode?

    • If you have this box checked the task will restart after a successful checkout. Ideally you would want to use this if you want to continue purchasing the product until it goes out of stock

    • If you have this box unchecked the task will stop completely after a successful checkout

  • What is Max Number Of Accounts?

    • Enter the max number of accounts you want Stellar to create

  • What is OTP Input?

    • When Walmart sends you a OTP, you can either have your IMAP automatically enter the OTP or you can manually enter the OTP in bot

  • What is Use Rakuten? box?

    • Follow the Rakuten guide to set it up and check this box to earn cashback on eligible purchases

Common Errors and Fixes

Error MessageCauseSolution

Estimated Wait Time: x seconds

Waiting in queue

Let tasks run to continue to wait in queue

Generating Cookie

Handling PX

Let tasks run, this can take around 5-15 seconds

PX Block | Rotating Proxy

PX detected and blocked your proxy

Let tasks run or try different proxies (type, pool, provider etc.)

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