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Very Important Note If Running on a Server

In order to use the Target module, you need to make sure your server IP is clean and not flagged by Target. If your server IP is flagged you won't be able to login, generate shape cookies or checkout If you already have a server you can check if the server IP is flagged by going to on the servers browser, log into your Target account, cart and checkout a test item. If the order sticks a couple hours after you placed it, your server IP should be OK If you don't have a server but would like to purchase one through a server provider, I recommend to contact them first to ensure the server IP is not flagged before you purchase Running Stellar on a server is very important and gives you a big advantage when running 24/7. Running tasks 24/7 is one of the biggest benefits to having a server

Target Login Overview

For Target you'll need to go into the Identities tab and log into your accounts. There are two ways to log into your Target accounts, Access Token Login or Request Login. Each login method will require shape cookies. The Target account email has to exactly match the email you have in your profile

Which is better, Access Token or Request Login?

Neither provide a speed advantage to checking out on Target. These methods are both here so you can see what works for you and what is easiest. Try them and see what you like!

Target Sessions and Log In

Add Session

  1. Go to Sessions tab

  2. Click on Add Session

  3. Session Name: Name your session

    Email: Enter your account email

    Password: Enter your account password Login Proxy: Enter an ISP proxy (proxy format ip:port:user:pass) you would like to use to sign into your account. Note this login proxy will be used in some parts of the Target checkout. If you don't provide a login proxy you are likely to run into errors. IP Authenticated proxies are not supported

    Access Token: Enter Access Token you generated for this account if you're using Access Token login method Team Member Code: Enter your Team Member discount code if you have one

    Login Method: Select the login method you prefer to use. Token or Request Fingerprint Setting:

    Select Static if that account had success on high demand items. Static fingerprint means the fingerprint will stay the same

    Select Dynamic if that account has had Item Demand cancels or if you're running slots. Dynamic fingerprint means the fingerprint will always be different

  4. Click Save.

Mass Import Sessions

How does this login method work?

When importing your sessions they will not login at first. All the sessions will login when your tasks are ran. The Target account email has to exactly match the email you have in your profile. This means if your session/account email is "", then your profile email needs to be "" When the task starts, the profile will be matched to the session and will login.

  1. Go to Sessions tab

  2. Click on Mass Import Sessions

  3. On this window you will be inputting multiple accounts at once (one per line). The format is as follows: Email;Password;IP;AccessToken

    1. Email : The email of your target account

    2. Password : The password of your target account

    3. IP : The login IP you would like set (optional)

    4. Access Token : The access token for the account (required if you're using Access Token Login)

      Here is the format for different variations: email;pass;; This is if you want Login IP blank and don't want to use Access Token

      email;pass;;accessToken If you prefer using Access Token

      email;pass;loginProxy; Uses the login proxy

      email;pass;loginProxy;accessToken Uses login proxy and access token login

Target Access Token Login

What is Access Token Login? Access Token login will use a token you generated using the Access Token Harvester extension to log into your Target accounts. You will generate one access token for each Target account and can last up to a few weeks. Your Target tasks will let you know when it's time to generate new access tokens. Access Token login method will also require shape cookies

Downloading Access Token Harvester

1. Download Access Token Harvester Extension for Google Chrome: Stellar - Target Access Token Harvester

2. Extract the downloaded file (stellar-harvester2)

3. In Chrome, go to Manage Extensions

4. On the top right corner of the Manage Extensions page turn on Developer Mode and click Load Unpacked. Now select the folder that you extracted, it'll be located in Downloads > stellar-harvester2

5. Go to and navigate to the login page. Enter your email address and password, then click sign in. You have to use your real email and password so you can successfully log into your account. Before you sign in, check the 'Keep me signed in" box

Do not sign out of the Target accounts. This will cause your access tokens to become invalid and you won't be able to log into your accounts in bot. You can simply close the window after downloading the access token

6. Download the access token file, copy and paste the access token into the correct Target accounts session in the Sessions tab

7. Click Save and you're all set with that account

Do not sign out of the Target accounts. This will cause your access tokens to become invalid and you won't be able to log into your accounts in bot. You can simply close the window after downloading the access token. You can use a new incognito window or new Chrome profile per Target account

8. Repeat the same process for each Target account you have by either opening a New Incognito Window or use a new Google Chrome profile

You'll also want to switch the browser login IP so multiple Target accounts aren't using the same IP to login. You can use any proxy switcher chrome extension but we recommend BP Proxy Switcher

New Incognito Window

Open a New Incognito Window by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right corner of Chrome and click "New Incognito Window"

To use a Chrome extension in Incognito, copy and paste chrome://extensions into the URL bar in Incognito mode

Go to the Token Harvester extension > "Details" > Toggle ON "Allow in Incognito"

Google Chrome Profile

To create a new Google Chrome profile click on your Google account image on the top right corner and click on "Add"

Sign into your Gmail accounts. One Chrome profile per Target account you have

Target Request Login

What is Request Login?

For Request Login you don't need to download any kind of extensions or harvesters as you would for Access Token Login. Request Mode login requires a Login Proxy inside the session. Request login method will also require shape cookies

1. Go to Sessions and select Target

2. Click on Add Session or Edit an existing session by clicking on the gray pencil

3. You need to have an unbanned and working proxy in the Login Proxy field, the proxy format has to be IP:PORT:USER:PASS. Select Request Login in the login method field. The Target account email has to exactly match the email you have in your profile.

4. Click Save

5. Run a task on either on an out of stock item or on a in stock item to ensure everything is setup correctly

ATC Cookies Overview

What are ATC Cookies?

ATC Cookies (also known as Shape cookies) are needed to add to cart and checkout hype/high demand items, also known as Shape protected items. ATC Cookies are also needed for the login step. ATC Cookies are independent of accounts meaning you don't need to be logged into a Target account to generate them

You have two options to generate Shape cookies:

  1. You can use the Shape Module which is Stellars in bot Cookie Generator. Using the Shape module is a lot easier and less hands on work then using option two (This is the option our Staff team recommends)

  2. You can use the Browser Extension below to generate Shape Cookies but it's more manual work

Downloading the ATC Cookies Harvester

1. Download ATC Cookie Harvester Extension for Google Chrome: Stellar - Target ATC Cookie Harvester (StellarAIO Cookie Harvester Chrome Extension)

2. Extract the downloaded file (StellarAIO Cookie Harvester Chrome Extension)

3. In Chrome, click on the puzzle piece on the top right corner. Then go to Manage Extensions

4. On the top right corner of the webpage turn on Developer Mode and Click Load Unpacked. Now view the StellarAIO Cookie Harvester Chrome Extension folder that you extracted. Make sure you select the build folder. Don't select the parent folder, select the folder as shown in the image below

5. Go back to Chrome, click on the puzzle piece again and go to Manage Extensions one more time. You can now pin the Stellar AIO Extension to your Chrome toolbar

6. You can now click and view the pinned extension

Generating ATC Cookies

Once you fully downloaded and setup the StellarAIO Cookie Harvester Chrome Extension you're ready to start generating Shape Cookies.

Important: Disable all other extensions that handle proxies. We recommend to use a new Chrome profile or use Brave browser

1. Go to and find an in stock item like a Fire Stick

2. Open your Cookie Extension and toggle to the right where it says StellarAIO to enable the extension. Paste in some high quality ISPs or Residential proxies. Next you'll toggle the Auto Generation section if you would like to generate cookies while AFK.

3. If you have Toggle Auto Generation on you'll start to see the counter increasing. If you don't have the box checked you'll have to click Add to Cart manually on the product page to generate cookies. The cookies will be automatically sent to Stellar as long as you have the bot open

What do the buttons in the Cookie Harvester extension do?

  • The number in the grey box shows how many cookies you generated using the extension

  • Reset Headers allows you to clear the cookies in the extension

  • Download Headers allows to download the cookies you made in the extension

  • Clear Session allows you to clear the webpage cookies. It's recommended to Clear Session after generating around 20-30 cookies

  • Clear All Bot Cookies will clear all extension cookies inside the bot

Target Task Overview

Monitor Mode

Safe Mode

Hype2 Mode

Pickup Mode

Please note: Target is one SKU per task per account per fulfillment. This is to help with checkout flow and help prevent account locks. If you try to run the same SKU on multiple tasks on the same account, you'll receive a Duplicate SKU Task error message

  • What mode do I use?

    • Monitor mode will only monitor and will ping your watch tasks (safe/hype2) tasks to start when they pick up the item you're monitoring

    • Normal mode is the normal checkout mode and should be used for non-hype items

    • Hype2 mode is an api request mode to help avoid Target cancels

    • Pickup mode will monitor and checkout items for pickup only. It allows you to select multiple stores and multiple SKUs on the same task.

  • What does Profile mean?

    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out items but you must check Override Payment checkbox to use profile information. If you leave that box unchecked, it will use your Target account saved information

    • The Target account email has to exactly match the email you have in your profile

  • What type of proxies should I use?

    • The best type of proxies to use on Target are ISPs and DCs. This is because you can run your tasks for a longer period of time without eating away your residential data

    • You need User:Password Authenticated Proxies in your checkout set to be able to use our antibot solution

      • If you're looking for proxies, check out Stella Proxies for high quality ISP and Residential proxies

  • What is Fulfillment?

    • Select Pickup if you would like to pickup the items physically in store. Pickup radius is using your zip code in your monitor task

    • Select Shipping if you would like the items to be delivered to your shipping address

  • What is the SKU and how do I get them?

  • What Delays should I use?

    • We recommend to use delays of 3000-5000 depending on the quality of your proxies

  • What is a good QTY to use?

    • Some items have a 3 qty limit per account and some items may only have a 1 qty limit per account. We recommend to ask your cook group if you're unsure what to put for quantity

  • What is Use Zip code from Profile?

    • This box allows users to use the zip code entered into the profile as the Target store pickup zip code. Leave this blank if you would like to use a different zip code than your profile states.

  • Which Monitor Type should I use?

    • ATC, API, API2, Experimental, DropATC monitoring types are only for Shipping fulfillment

      • ATC uses the front end and will always pick up the item when it restocks

      • API uses the backend monitoring and may not always pick up the item when it restocks

      • API2 uses backend monitoring very similar to API

      • DropATC is a new mode used for only shipping related products. It is recommended to use this mode for card drops

      • Pickup to use Zipcode and Radius fields

  • What is Zipcode?

    • Zipcode is necessary to put in the monitor tasks for Pickup monitoring type. Put the zip code of the pickup locations that you would like to monitor. Ideally, it should be around the same area as your Hype2 pickup radius

  • What is Overridden Zipcode?

    • If you enter a Zipcode in this field, you will checkout using this Zipcode instead of the Zipcode in your shipping address. Your checkout task must have Watch Task enabled to use Overriden Zipcode. Ideally you'd have multiple monitor mode tasks monitoring different zipcodes and your Watch Task can have multiple zipcodes in one field following the format below

      • You can enter multiple zip codes separating them using commas. For example, zipcode1,zipcode2,zipcode3,zipcode4,zipcode5

  • What is Store Zip code?

    • Input the zip code you would like the pickup mode task to search your pickup items for. The zip code is crucial because the store pickup radius will be calculated and based off of this zip code.

  • What is Pickup Radius?

    • Pickup Radius is necessary to put in the monitor tasks for Pickup monitoring type. This is how far you're willing to pickup the item in miles. Make sure you have a zip code setup in your monitor mode task. Max target radius for checkout tasks is 100 miles. For monitor mode tasks the largest effective range will be 50 miles

  • What is Store Radius?

    • Store Radius is necessary to put in the pickup mode tasks. This is how far you're willing to pickup the item in miles. After inputting the radius you are willing to travel, you can select the specific stores in the Stores selection dropdown.

  • What is Stores?

    • After inputting a zip code and store radius, you can select the specific stores you are willing to pickup your items from. You can select individual stores or all stores that fall inside the given radius.

  • What is Store Ids?

  • What is Reset Delay?

    • After your Monitor Mode picks up a restock, it'll use your reset delay before monitoring again. So if you have a Reset Delay of 60000, it'll wait 60 seconds before attempting to monitor for the item again. We recommend having a high reset delay to prevent any spamming of your tasks being pinged. You can have a low regular delay, but try to keep a high reset delay

  • What is a Checkout Delay?

    • The amount of time that the task will sleep for in ms between each part of the checkout process. If you leave this field blank it will be 0 by default

  • What is the Endless Mode box?

    • If you checkmark this box Stellar will try to checkout endlessly after every successful checkout

  • What is the Override Payment? box?

    • If you checkmark this box Stellar will override the default payment info on your Target account and will use your profile payment information you saved into your selected session

  • What is Watch Task? box?

    • Using watch task will help your proxies encounter less proxy bans and less proxy errors overall. Using a watch task essentially means you want your task to rely on other sources to monitor, in this case your monitor mode task will ping the watch task when a restock has happened

      • If you check this box, your task will wait for a monitor mode task to ping it then it'll proceed to add item to cart and checkout

      • If this box is unchecked, your task will monitor the sku, add to cart and checkout

  • What is Only use Bot Cookies? box?

    • This only applies for dropAtc monitor type, this option allows you to only use the atc cookies generated from cookie mode tasks. If you leave this box unchecked, you'll use both cookie mode atc cookies and extension atc cookies

  • What is Use Rakuten? box?

    • Follow the Rakuten guide to set it up and check this box to earn cashback on eligible purchases

Entering Target Team Member Discount Code

Earn 10% discount on purchases by using a Team Member Discount Code

  1. Go to your Target session

  2. Enter in your Target Team Member discount code without the 0000s into the respective field as shown below

Using Red Card on Target

A Red Card is a Target branded debit or credit card. You can apply for one here

Putting the RedCard into Stellar

1. In bot, go to the profile section of Target

2. Edit the profile you would like to add the Target RedCard to (or create a new profile)

3. When entering the credit/debit card information click the Visa card option

4. The CVV is the 4 digit pin the Red Card is issued with

5. Make sure your tasks have Override Payment? box checked

Common Errors and Fixes

Error MessageCauseSolution

Waiting for Refresh Token

Token required for login step

Generate more access tokens using the token harvester extension

No More Cookies - Waiting

Ran out of shape cookies

Shape cookies are required for Target, you'll need to generate more cookies using the cookie extension

Loading Profile (stuck)

Not able to load profile or automatch account

Double check you proxies in your sessions and your tasks

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