SportChek CA

Complete guide on our SporthCheck CA module

SportCheckCA Task Overview

Guest Mode

Monitor Mode

  • What Mode do I use?

    • Guest - Attempts to checkout normal Products

    • Monitor - for now, only monitors release items.

  • What type of Proxies should I use?

    • DCs and ISPs are the best due to speed. Residentials also work but may have high usage.

  • Where do I Find the Product Variant?

  • What Delays should I use?

    • A shorter Delay will result in proxy banns faster, whilst a shorter delay is idea for checking out hyped items. A safe delay to start off should be 5000

  • What Qty should I utilize?

    • Qty should typically be 1, most in-hype item have a qty limit of 1

  • What Maximum Price should I use?

    • Maximum Price is an optional field, this number will be used to check the unit price of the product before attempting to checkout.

  • SportChekCA module uses our StellarAIO Chrome Extension.

    • What are ATC Cookies?

      ATC Cookies (also known as Shape cookies) are needed to add to cart and checkout

      Downloading the ATC Cookies Harvester

      1. Download ATC Cookie Harvester Extension for Google Chrome: Stellar - ATC Cookie Harvester (stellar-aio-chrome-extension-v2)

      2. Extract the downloaded file (stellar-aio-chrome-extension-v2)

      3. In Chrome, click on the puzzle piece on the top right corner. Then go to Manage Extensions

      4. On the top right corner of the webpage turn on Developer Mode and Click Load Unpacked. Now upload the stellar-aio-chrome-extension-v2 folder that you extracted. Make sure you select the stellar-aio-chrome-extension-v2 folder. Don't select the parent folder, select the folder as shown in the image below

      5. Go back to Chrome, click on the puzzle piece again and go to Manage Extensions one more time. You can now pin the stellar-aio-chrome-extension-v2 extension to your Chrome toolbar

      6. You can now click and view the pinned extension

      Generating ATC Cookies

      Once you fully downloaded and setup the stellar-aio-chrome-extension-v2 extension you're ready to start generating Shape Cookies.

      Important: Disable all other extensions that handle proxies. We recommend to use a new Chrome profile or use Brave browser

      1. Go to and find an in stock item like a Tumblr

      2. Open your Cookie Extension and toggle where it says StellarAIO to enable the extension. Next you'll toggle the Auto Generation section if you would like to generate cookies while AFK.

      3. If you have Toggle Auto Generation on you'll start to see the counter increasing. If you don't have the box checked you'll have to click Add to Cart manually on the product page to generate cookies. The cookies will be automatically sent to Stellar as long as you have the bot open.

      4. You can test ATC any it

      What do the buttons in the Cookie Harvester extension do?

      • The number in the grey box shows how many cookies you generated using the extension

      • Reset Headers allows you to clear the cookies in the extension

      • Download Headers allows to download the cookies you made in the extension

      • Clear Session allows you to clear the webpage cookies. It's recommended to Clear Session after generating around 20-30 cookies

      • Clear All Bot Cookies will clear all extension cookies inside the bot

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