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Task Overview

Monitor mode

Checkout mode

  • What Mode do I use?

    • Checkout mode will check out items using guest checkout

    • Monitor mode will allow you to monitor products and these monitor tasks will notify your Guest mode tasks when the product comes back in stock

  • What does Profile mean?

    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out items

  • What type of Proxies should I use?

    • ISPs, DCs and Resis all work

  • What is the Event URL and how do I get it?

  • What is Size?

    • Select the Size of the product you're trying to checkout

  • What is a good QTY to use?

    • The safest QTY to use is 1 but if the product has a max qty limit you can enter that instead of 1

  • What Delays should I use?

    • Use delays such as 5000 - 7000

  • What is Discount?

    • If you have a discount code, you can enter it in this field

  • What is Cheapest Shipping? box?

    • Check this box if you'd like to purchase your product with the cheapest shipping option available

  • What is Use Rakuten? box?

    • Follow the Rakuten guide to set it up and check this box to earn cashback on eligible purchases

  • What is Watch Task? box?

    • Watch tasks and non-watch tasks are different

      • Non-watch tasks will be monitoring the site, which means that it will be using proxies. When a product restocks, this same task will atc and checkout

      • Watch tasks are "watching" your Monitor Mode tasks waiting for a product you're running for to restock. Your watch tasks will add to cart and checkout when its pinged from a Monitor Mode task

    • Your Monitor mode tasks will ping/notify your running checkout watch tasks when the product has restocked so they'll attempt to atc and checkout

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