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Complete guide on our QueueIt module

Captcha Harvesters

If you select the browser distribution method you'll need to follow the Captcha Harvesters guide. This will ensure the Captcha Harvesters will show the browser when it opens. You should open as many harvesters as you want browsers to open. You'll also need to have the browser path setup in your Settings tab in bot


Normal Mode
Test Mode
  • Which Mode do I use?
    • Normal mode is used for waiting and queue and passing it. Normal mode will allow your tasks to wait in QueueIt and results either be distributed via link or browser
    • Test mode is used to make sure the bot is working on the queue and POW. This mode will test this on the Footlocker staging site.
  • What type of Proxies should I use?
    • You can use any type of proxies here, ISPs DCs and Resis. Resis may perform a little better but it's best to test the different types you have and see which work best for you
  • Which Captcha Provider should I use?
    • There are currently 3 captcha providers you can use. CapMonster, AYCD or Bot. You are welcome to choose your favorite but to give more information on Solver, it will open and use your Chrome browser as your captcha solver which will prompt you to solve captchas manually
  • What is Pow Solve Type?
    • GO can handle more tasks and is generally faster than JS
    • JS is more stable and current task limit is 200
  • What is Distribution Method?
    • Browser will automatically open a Chrome browser once it's your turn to purchase the item
    • Link will send you your link on your webhook
  • What is Use Random Key? box?
    • Check this box if you want Stellar to attempt to use a random key for Queueit

If you're receiving an error message that's not on this common errors table, you can look here in the Status Codes article