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Complete guide on our Panini module
Normal Mode
Fast Mode
  • What mode do I use?
    • Normal mode is used for normal account checkout
    • Fast mode can be used for dutch auction checkout
  • What does Profile mean?
    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out items
  • What type of proxies should I use?
    • DCs and ISPs are the best due to speed but residentials also work but might have a large data usage
  • What is the URL and how do I get them?
  • What delays should I use?
    • Any where between 3000 and 5000 is good for normal mode while for Dutch auction you can lower slightly
  • What is a good QTY to use?
    • A good QTY to use is 1. The reason is that Panini will most likely cancel orders with over 1 QTY or not even let you order
  • Which Captcha Provider should I use?
  • What should my Max Price be?
    • A max price is set to not purchase the item you want for resell price. For example, if you have an item which is $20 retail, the max price should be around $30
  • What should my Min Price be?
    • Panini tends to have fake dummy products to confuse bots. These items are usually super cheap. It is recommended to use a Min price of 10 - 20 dollars less than the retail price of your item
  • What is Account?
    • This option is to select the account you would like to checkout on. These accounts are entered through the accounts page of Stellar
  • What is Preload? and should I enable it?
    • This is a preload shipping method. What this does is selects the shipping method before running the task which speeds up the checkout process. It is recommended to run tasks on both preload on non-preload
If you're receiving an error message you can look here in the Status Codes article