Nike module is for both and SNKRS

Sessions & Login

  1. 1.
    Navigate to Sessions tab in bot and select Nike
  2. 2.
    Click Add Session button on the top right corner, name your session and fill in the appropriate fields
    Stop tasks before clearing session cookies
    • Account Email: Your Nike account email
    • Account Password: Your Nike account password
    • Account Proxy: It's recommended to use a different unique ISP proxy per account. The proxy format in this field needs to be IP:PORT:USER:PASS this is the standard format for most proxies so you can just copy one line from your ISP list
  3. 3.
    Important notes
    • To build your account trust, we recommend to manually add your address and payment method into each account
    • Sessions must have an ISP, you're not able to run without an ISP due to how Stellar handles Nike antibot.
    • If you have any issues logging into your Nike accounts we recommend to Clear Cookies in the session before reattempting
    • Stop tasks before clearing session cookies

Nike Task Setup

Preload Mode
  • What Mode do I use?
    • Preload mode will work on for both and SNKRS
  • What does Profile mean?
    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out products
      • Your profile is used just for the card details. Stellar uses the last 4 digits to match the cards added on your Nike account. Lastly uses cvv from profile to confirm entry.
  • What is a SKU and how do I get it?
  • What is Retry Delay and what should I enter?
    • Retry delay is the time in ms it'll reattempt to enter the raffle if any errors are encountered
    • It's recommend to enter between 1000 - 3000
  • What do I select for Session?
    • Select the session that you named from the sessions tab in bot you'd like to use for your task
  • What is Drop Type?
    • NikeCOM is for raffles that are not on SNKRS and are usually 3 minute LEO drops. NikeCOM will have a unique url format url
    • SNKRS is for raffles (DAN and LEO) SNKRS will have a url format
  • What do I select for Region?
    • Select the region that applies to you
  • What is Stagger Entry? box and should I check it?
    • If you check this box your task will press submit anytime within the allocated time to enter (3 or 10 minutes). This operation is quick, don't worry if it's late into the raffle
    • We do recommend to check this box
  • What is Retry Checkout? box and should I check it?
    • If you check this box your task will spam the entering CVV and entering raffle steps, this could lead to crashing so use this with caution
    • We do recommended to use this if your server/pc setup can handle it and if you aren't running a lot of tasks. If you're worried your server/pc cannot handle it, you can leave this unchecked
  • What is Size?
    • Input the sizes you'd like to run for and use , to separate the sizes, no spaces. For example 8,8.5,9,9.5,11

Common Errors

Any errors during login step
Double check account proxy in session section, clear cookies in session and restart the task. You may have to clear cookies several times to resolve the issue. If you attempted to clear cookies and the issue isn't fixed after 5 tries please let us know