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Microsoft Video Guide

Microsoft Session Login

Note: If you are having trouble issues logging in, it is mostly your Login IP Proxy. You can check if your login proxy is bad by putting it in BP Proxy Switcher and manually logging on Microsoft website. Microsoft is very strict with proxies
1. Go to Sessions Tab
2. Click on Add Session and name your Session
3. Enter your Microsoft account Email and Password. Please note that if you're running Stellar on your local pc you don't need a Login IP. If you're running Stellar on a server you'll need to enter a proxy into the Login IP field.
4. Click Save and your Session should say READY_TO_LOGIN. You can run a task on an in stock item to ensure everything is setup correctly.
It's OK if your session says Not Ready, this is a visual bug and can be fixed if you delete and recreate session. Run a task to make sure everything is setup correctly.

Mass Import Microsoft Accounts

If you have multiple Microsoft accounts, you can mass import them by using this format


Profile Mode
Account Mode
Monitor Mode
  • What are the differences in the modes?
    • Profile mode you will need to make a profile with the email matching the Microsoft session. One task per account
    • Account mode you will use your account session to login and will pull the shipping/billing information off the account to proceed with your order. One task per account
    • Monitor Mode will only monitor and can't checkout. Monitor mode tasks will monitor the SKU and alert your Normal mode Watch tasks to start. Monitor mode SKUs must match Normal mode SKUs in order for your Normal mode watch tasks to be pinged
  • What are Profiles and how do I enter them?
    • You need to have your Microsoft accounts saved in the Sessions tab which matches the email address on your profile when you start the task. Microsoft is very sensitive to 2FA, there's an option to put a login ip in the Sessions tab rather than handling browsers
  • What type of proxies should I use?
    • Resis work best, you’ll have less proxy issues. Make sure you have data in your plan and multiple providers if needed. ISPs and DCs get banned very fast
  • What is Account?
    • This option will allow you to select which accounts/sessions you want to use. To add accounts, you need to add them through the Sessions tab
  • What is a Item Number and how do I get them?
    • Go to the Releases tab for a quick and easy way to make tasks
    • To manually get an Item Number, you need to head towards the Microsoft website. Once you're at the website, look for the item you want to run for. After getting the item, copy the long string of numbers and letters from the URL and paste it into the Item Number field in Stellar.
      • An example of what a Item Number would look like would be 8wj714n3rbtl from example URL micro
  • What delays should I use?
    • A safe and reliable delay to use is 4000. This delay would allow you a chance to catch restocks as soon as they drop and not completely expose your proxies
  • What is a good QTY to use?
    • A good default to use is 1, but if the listing on the site allows for multiple in one cart then feel free to increase the QTY
  • What is Watch Task? box?
    • Watch tasks and regular non-watch tasks are separated into two groups
      • Watch tasks are completely separate from regular non-watch tasks because when you use watch tasks, they'll be watching your monitor mode tasks waiting for a restock. Monitor mode tasks and watch tasks will put less strain on proxies and less proxy issues overall
        • Microsoft does support Stellars Serverside Monitoring, more information here
      • Regular non-watch tasks will be monitoring 24/7, which means that it will be using proxies 24/7 putting a strain on proxies and have more proxy related issues
  • What is the Override Payment? box?
    • If you checkmark this box Stellar will override and not use the default payment info on your Microsoft account. Instead it will use your profiles payment information