Complete guide on our Microcenter module


Adding Accounts

Mass Import Accounts

Task Overview

Adding Accounts

Follow the steps below to add your Microcenter accounts to Stellar to use for purchases

  1. Go to Identities tab > Accounts > Microcenter > "Add Session" button

  1. Enter your Microcenter account email and password

  2. Click "Add" button

Mass Import Accounts

If you have a large list of Microcenter accounts, you can use the Mass Import feature to add all the accounts to Stellar easier and faster

  1. Go to Identities tab > Accounts > Microcenter > "Mass Import Accounts" button

  1. Follow the text format in the box that appears. Example below

    • stellaraiotest@gmail.com;Stellar123!; stellaraiotest1@gmail.com;Stellar123; stellaraiotest2@gmail.com;Stellar1234; stellaraiotest3@gmail.com;Stellar12345; stellaraiotest4@gmail.com;Stellar123@; stellaraiotest5@gmail.com;Stellar12; stellaraiotest6@gmail.com;Stellar112;

  2. Click "Save" button

Task Overview

Monitor mode

Pickup mode

Shipping mode

  • What mode do I use?

    • Monitor mode will only monitor your desired items. When an item restocks, your monitor mode tasks will ping your running watch tasks (shipping and/or pickup mode) tasks to atc and checkout

    • Pickup mode is your checkout task for in store pickup fulfillment

    • Shipping mode is your checkout task for shipping fulfillment

  • What does Profile mean?

    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out items

  • What type of proxies should I use?

    • ISPs and resis will both work

      • If you're looking for proxies, check out Stella Proxies for high quality ISP and Residential proxies

  • What is the Product URL and how do I get them?

  • What is a good Quantity to use?

    • Enter the product quantity you wish to checkout. A safe QTY to use is 1 but you can increase this

  • What is Store IDs and how do I find them?

  • What do I select for Account?

    • Select an account that you added in the Identities tab in bot you'd like to use for your task

      • If you don't select an account, it'll use guest checkout which is a little slower checkout speed than selecting an account

  • What Delays should I use?

    • Experiment between 4000 - 6000

  • What is Watch Task? box?

    • Watch tasks and non-watch tasks are different

      • Non-watch tasks will be monitoring the site, which means that it will be using proxies. When a product restocks, this same task will atc and checkout

      • Watch tasks are "watching" your Monitor Mode tasks waiting for a product you're running for to restock. Your watch tasks will add to cart and checkout when its pinged from a Monitor Mode task

    • Your Monitor mode tasks will ping/notify your running Pickup and/or Shipping mode watch tasks when the product has restocked so they'll attempt to atc and checkout

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