Complete guide on our Kohls module

Kohl's Task Setup

Monitor Mode

Guest Mode

  • What Mode do I use?

    • Monitor mode will allow you to monitor products on https://www.kohls.com/ your monitor tasks will ping your guest mode tasks that have the Watch Task checkbox checked

    • Guest mode will allow you to guest checkout products from https://www.kohls.com/ using your profile information

  • What does Profile mean?

    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out items

  • What type of Proxies should I use?

    • ISPs are recommended but Resis will work as well

  • What do I enter for URL?

  • What is a SKU and how do I get it?

  • What Delays should I use?

    • We recommend delays between 3000-5000

  • What is a good QTY to use?

    • The best QTY to use is 1 but if the item you're running for allows for more QTY per cart, feel free to increase the QTY

  • What is a Watch Task and should I select it?

    • Watch Tasks waits until another source to ping it to trigger to attempt to add to cart. In this case with Kohls, your Monitor mode tasks will notify your Guest watch tasks when that specific product has restocked. The watch task product needs to be identical to the normal mode product.

      • The benefits of using watch tasks are 1) You'll use less proxy data as watch tasks do not use proxies while in Waiting status and 2) You'll be using less proxies overall which will reduce proxies being detected from the site

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