Hot Topic

Complete guide on our Hot Topic module

Hot Topic Task Overview

Checkout Mode
Watcher Mode
  • What mode do I use?
    • Checkout mode uses guest checkout or account checkout. Works for all products that are loaded on the site
      • Note: If you leave the SKU field empty, it'll wait for the Watcher mode task to alert it. If you have a SKU in the Checkout mode task, it'll run like normal
    • Watcher mode will allow you to monitor any product on HT and will alert your Checkout mode tasks as long as the SKU field is blank in the Checkout mode task
  • What does Profile mean?
    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out items
  • What type of Proxies should I use?
    • Any type of proxies is good to use on Hot Topic. The best type of proxies to use is ISPs. Hot Topic isn't known for banning IPs fast, so using your ISPs is safe to do. Feel free to use Resis too if you'd like. Proxies are not required but can be used.
  • Where do I find SKU?
  • What is a good QTY to use?
    • A good default to use is 1, but if the listing on the site allows for multiple in one cart then feel free to increase the QTY
  • What Delays should I use?
    • Monitor Delay of 0 is recommended. HT doesn't ratelimit
    • Retry Delays around 500 is recommended. This delay would allow you a chance to catch restocks as soon as they drop and not completely expose your proxies
  • What should I enter for Promo Code?
    • Hot Topic has Promo Codes, you can enter the Promo Code into the field
      • For example if the Promo Code is HOT15OFF then you can enter HOT15OFF into the Promo Code field
  • What is Account?
    • This option will allow you to select which accounts/sessions you want to use. To add accounts, you need to add them through the Sessions tab. This will enable a quicker checkout
  • What is Profile Added? box?
    • This box should be checked if the profile in your task is added on the account within the same task