BestBuy CA

  • Please note that only MC and Visa are currently supported in terms of payment method. Amex is currently not supported
  • What mode do I use?
    • Guest - This is your checkout task. Can be paired with monitor mode to only run when your monitor task detects that an item is in stock. Guest mode tasks will get a list of surrounding stores based on profiles before going into waiting for monitor ping. If a monitor tasks pickups a store that matches that list it will ping and will begin to checkout.
    • Monitor - Currently only instore pickup monitor is supported. Will monitor local stores around a set radius based on the set user profile. When using monitor tasks it'll ping every tasks that shares the same store as normal task
  • Profile - Please select the appropriate profile you would like to use to checkout.
  • What type of proxies should I use?
    • DCs and ISPs are the best for Best Buy CA due to speed. Residentials also work but may have high usage
  • What is a SKU and how do I get them?
  • What delays should I use?
    • For Best Buy CA, any delay between 3000 and 5000 is good for running 24/7
  • What is a good QTY to use?
    • A good QTY to use is 1. The reason is that most items (more hyped items) have a 1 per cart limit and possibly a 1 per person or household limit. Most orders wont be able to place if there is more than 1 quantity in the cart.
  • There are currently 2 fulfillment options you can utilize
    • Pickup - Will randomly select a store at your pre-defined pickup radius.
    • Shipping - Will deliver the item to your shipping address setout in your Profile
  • What pickup radius should be utilized?
    • Specify the distance from your profile postal code to have your item picked up instore. If this value is left blank, the default value will be 25 Miles. Note that the units are in Miles and not Kilometer.
  • Watch Task - Select this checkbox if you want to utilize monitor mode.
  • OTP Number
    • Please specify a phone number to send the OTP Code to, if no number is set, the phone number attached to your profile will be used instead.
  • What do I do if the item requested requires OTP Code?
    • An automatic harvester should pop up, if this is not the case manually open up a Captcha harvester to input your OTP code followed by submit
If you're receiving an error message you can look here in the Status Codes article