Barnes & Noble

Complete guide on our Barnes & Noble module

Adding Accounts

BarnesAndNoble Task Overview

Adding Accounts

To add your Barnes & Noble accounts to Stellar please follow the step by step instructions below

  1. In bot, navigate to Sessions > Accounts > Click on BarnesAndNoble

  1. Click Add Account button

  1. Enter your account email and password

Mass Import Accounts

Have a lot of accounts and want to import them into Stellar fast and easy? No problem!

  1. In bot, navigate to Sessions > Accounts > Click BarnesAndNoble

  1. Click Mass Import Accounts button

  1. Enter your accounts emails and passwords in the format email:password

    • For example$

  2. Click Save

BarnesAndNoble Task Overview

Normal Mode

  • Which Mode do I use?

    • Normal Mode will use your profile to guest checkout products if you don't select an account

  • What does Profile mean?

    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out items

  • Which Proxies should I use?

    • ISPs and Resis are both OK

  • What's Product Quantity?

    • Enter the quantity of the item you'd like to checkout

  • What's Account?

    • Select an account you want to use when purchasing products

      • If you don't select an account, it'll be guest checkout

  • What Delays should I use?

    • Delays around 4000 are OK

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