Complete guide on our ASOS module


Task Overview

ASOS Accounts

To add your ASOS accounts to Stellar please follow the step by step instructions below

  1. In bot, navigate to Sessions tab then click on Accounts

  2. After you clicked on ASOS from the list of sites, you can click Add Account button and add your accounts emails and passwords

ASOS Task Overview

Cart Mode

Normal Mode

  • What mode do I use?

    • Cart mode will allow your cart to either be exported to your discord webhook or browser window pop up

    • Normal mode allows you to use your accounts to purchase products fully automated. Normal Mode will export the cart in case the ACO fails

  • What does Profile mean?

    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out items

  • What type of Proxies should I use?

    • Both ISPs and Resis work. Only login is Akamai protected so keep in mind some proxies will have issues passing

  • Where do I find PIDs?

  • What Delays should I use?

    • Experiment around 2000-4000 delays

  • What Size should I use?

    • This field is optional by default but is required if you're running a product that has multiple sizes

      • Ex. L for clothing. 11 for shoes

  • Which Currency do I select?

    • Select the currency that relates to your region USD, GBP, EUR or CAD

  • What's a Distribution Method?

    • Browser window will popup after you cart a product. Keep in mind there's not always a cart hold so you may not checkout successfully

    • A checkout Link will be sent to your via Discord webhook to click on and proceed to checkout

  • What's an Account?

    • Accounts are required for ASOS and you can follow the step by step instructions here to add your ASOS accounts to Stellar. One task per account

      • For Hyped Drops (like dunks) you need to provide an account, guest won't work

      • For Non-Hyped Drops you don't need to provide an account, leave the field blank for Guest checkout

  • What's a Captcha Provider?

    • In order for you to cart and checkout products on this site, you must solve captchas. Bot will allow you to manually solve the captchas in the Captcha Harvester. We recommend you open the Captcha Harvester before you start your tasks. Also double check beforehand the Captcha Harvester has the most updated information and save

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