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Complete guide on our Amazon CA module

  • ISP and DC Proxies are recommended for 24/7 Monitoring for, you do not need Canadian ISP proxies for Residential proxies may also be used (if absolutely needed) but watch the amount of data usage.

  • Amount of proxies is still important for, the quality of proxy will depend on the provider. You will see more of the "Captcha Detected | Rotating Proxy" status' if your proxies have been heavily abused. With clean proxies, you will see less of the captcha's.

  • Amazon Canada functions differently than Amazon US, so do not use Amazon US low delays and think it works for Canada.

  • Server side monitoring enabled for via TAGS! Please refer to the Tags Tab on the left hand side of Stellar. Go to Tags -> GPUs Amazon CA or PS5 Amazon CA. You may also create your own Monitor tasks to supplement Stellars' own Server side monitoring, and having a few of your own monitor tasks is recommended.

    • If you would like to test out Serverside, you can have either a Experimental or Special Task running for SKU: B07PDHT5XP

  • Sessions are used for, this will consist of your individual amazon accounts that you will need to create under the Sessions tab on the left hand side of Stellar. There are currently 2 options to add sessions

    • Option #1 Mass Import Sessions - To begin Mass import, ensure you are on the Amazon sessions page, Click Mass Import Sessions.

      • The format of your import needs to be Format:Email;Password;LoginProxy;Region;AuthenticatorKey


      • Each Account you want to import will be in a separate line.

      • Select Save once you are done

    • Option #2 Manually Add Sessions - To begin adding individual sessions, ensure you are on the Amazon sessions page, Click Add Sessions and name your sessions followed by Save

    • A new row will appear under the session name you have just created. Open up the new session to edit Region, Account Email, Account Password, Login Proxy (not needed, leave blank for local IP)(input "proxy", if you want to use the checkout proxy of the associated task, your 2FA Authentication Key and your Login Method. Hit Save when you are done.

    • Login Methods: There are currently 2 methods Stellar uses to login to your Amazon Account

      • Method #1 - Request Login - This method automatically handles the login process for you unless you have OTP confirmation popups, However if you have inputted a 2FA Authenicator Key, the login process will all be automatic

      • Method #2 - Browser Login - Will pop up a browser when you start up a task with that account, will need to login to your Amazon account manually and will have to manually close the browse once complete.

    • 2FA Authenticator Key - Please refer to this guide to create a 2FA Key

  • Do you think you are soft banned on Log into your account, and if you can click on "Your Account" after logging in and you do not see any "Amazon Dogs" you are not soft banned. It could be an error from the software.

  • Some accounts have been getting locked once they lose their Session. At this moment in time, there is no sure fire way to get around this. Amazon has been doing this to any account, with no rhyme or reason. This is happening for other bots as well.


When choosing server side tags, you can choose from the following drop down menu GPUS AmazonCA and PS5 AmazonCA -- Select from the Drop down list "AmazonCA". However, it is highly recommended to create your own custom tags

You can also create Custom TAGS, you can do this by clicking on the TAGS tab, and then clicking on Custom and then Add:

And then name that Tag whatever you like (for our example, let's call it Example):

Then click on Manage SKUs on the top right of Stellar and then enter your SKU's when the dialog box pops up. For example:

Now you can point your Watch Task/Checkout Task to the TAG you have created:

Experimental Mode:

Special Mode:

Fill in the other drop down lists with your proxies, delays, quantity, etc. Find out what each drop down box means below.

You will be presented with different ways to create tasks: Monitor, Special, Experimental. The following will explain the different tasks that can be created:

Monitor Task:

What to enter in Monitor Task:

  • This mode will only monitor and can't checkout. Using this mode will not stop Serverside pings from happening, instead, it will do both, you can monitor SKUs using the monitor mode task and use our Serverside to ping any Watch Tasks. Experimental and Special are watch tasks by default

    • SKUs that are NOT Serverside supported will need monitor mode tasks to monitor. SKUs that are on the Serverside supported don't need a monitor mode task, Stellar is monitoring the SKUs for you. More information here

  • Monitor Proxy: Create a proxy group of your choice

  • SKU: Enter the SKU of the product you wish to monitor. Look at the Tags for AmazonCA in the TAGS tab that you would also like to create a manual monitor Task for. Otherwise, reach out to your cook group for the other SKU's.

  • Offer ID: Enter the OfferID of the product you wish to monitor. Reach out to your cook group for the Offer ID's.

  • Max Price: This isn't as necessary if you're using an OfferID as that will dictate the cost of the item you're monitoring. However, if you're using Scrape Mode (with no OfferID), it is recommended that you input a max price for the item you are looking at securing.

  • Delay: Enter a delay that will work for you (recommended 8500 and above, however lower at your own discretion), this is totally dependent on the proxies that you use, whether it be DC or ISP. The quality of proxy will dictate how quickly your monitoring tasks will see the "Captcha Detected | Rotating Proxy" status due to proxy abuse.

  • Region: Select CA

  • Monitoring Method: You will be presented with three different monitoring methods: Fast 1, Fast 2, Scrape. We have found Fast 1 to be more accurate in terms of determining product stock.

    • Fast 1 (Monitoring): This is a monitoring method that uses your proxies and will not softban your own accounts, just your proxies. This is using a separate endpoint from Fast 2.

    • Fast 2 (Monitoring): This is an alternative monitoring method that uses a different endpoint and, like Fast1, uses your proxies. This will not softban your own accounts either, just your proxies.

      • It is recommended to use both Fast 1 and Fast 2 with your monitoring modes

    • Scrape: This method is used when you do not have an OfferID for the specific item. Input the SKU of the item you would like to monitor and set a Max price on the item just in case.

  • Should Solve Captcha: This will let Stellar know if you want it to solve the captcha's or not (will require a capmonster account). Otherwise it will rotate your proxy.

  • Reset Delay: Test with 30000 to 60000, this is in milliseconds, so 30000 = 30 seconds, 60000 = 60s. Up to your discretion, too low of a reset delay will burn your proxies.

Experimental Mode:

Special Mode:

What's the difference between these new modes?

  • Experimental Mode are watch tasks. You can insert the OfferID in your monitor mode task. Experimental mode is the old Turbo mode. This mode still has its pros for some of the products

  • Special Mode are watch tasks. You can insert the OfferID in your monitor mode task if you'd like. Special mode is faster than Experimental mode. This mode works better with Amazon Prime accounts but having a Prime account is not required to use this mode

What to enter for for these different modes:

  • Monitor Proxy: Choose from a group of proxies you have created under the Proxies Section in Stellar

  • Checkout Proxy: Choose from a group of proxies you have created under the Proxies Section in Stellar

  • Input List - There are 3 types of ways you can input the product you would like to checkout

    • Input #1 - Tags

      • Enter a TAG of the product you wish to monitor (You can use your custom TAG that you have created here or use the pre-populated tags by stellar which are being monitored by Serverside). With the custom TAG ensure it has all the SKU's that you intend on having for check out, You are not required to have your Monitor Task (using that SKU and OfferID), within the same task group! As long as your TAG has the SKU's being monitored, it will ping the Watch tasks! You can enter more than one TAG here. For SKU's and OfferID's please refer to your Cook Group.

    • Input #2 - SKU

      • Another way to input the product you would like to checkout is to directly enter the SKU of that product into the Input List field, You can input more than one SKU here.

    • Input #3 - SKU:OfferID

      • !!!!!! IF YOU WANT TO RUN THE OLD OFFERID/ATC SPAM !!!!!!: Under the Input List when creating your Special / Experimental Task, enter the SKU:OfferID. Note that you cannot have more thanone SKU:OID per task. Please see below for an example:

  • Delay: Set a delay of your choice, for example: 3500. You can lower if you have more proxies, and if you aren't seeing any account soft bans.

  • Qty: RECOMMENDED to set to 1 in most cases for GPU or Consoles. Otherwise, this will be up to you.

  • Session: This will allow you to select All Sessions or individual sessions that you have created.

  • Enter Cart Attempts: You can leave this blank, however some users have found success with 25.

  • Checkout Attempts: You can put in 25 as a baseline. Play around to see what works best for you.

  • Start Time: Choose the date and time you want to start the task, you do not need to do this if you're trying to run 24/7.

  • End Time: Choose the date and time you want to end the task, you do not need to do this if you're trying to run 24/7.

  • Should Solve Captcha: Tells Stellar to solve any captcha's (requires capmonster). If left unchecked, this will rotate to a different proxy if you have that set.

  • Endless Mode: It will checkout constantly with no limit. Not recommended for GPU or Consoles

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