Complete guide on our Adafruit module

Adding Sessions

Adafruit Task Overview

Adding Sessions

To add your Adafruit sessions to Stellar please follow the step by step instructions below

  1. In bot, navigate to Sessions tab then click on Adafruit

  1. Click Add Session button

  1. Enter your Adafruit account email and password and press save.

Adafruit Task Overview

Normal Mode

  • What Mode do I use?

    • Normal mode is only mode available currently. This mode uses guest checkout to purchase items, unless a session is inputted

  • What does Profile mean?

    • Select a Profile you want to use and that profile information will be used when checking out items

  • What type of Proxies should I use?

    • Recommended to run a mix of ISPs and Resis

  • How do I find the Product URL?

  • What Delays should I use?

    • We recommend running around 5000 delays for restocks.

  • What is a good QTY to use?

    • The best QTY to use is 1 but if the item you're running for allows for more QTY per cart, feel free to increase the QTY

  • What is a Session?

    • This option allows you to select a specific session you'd like to use for this task. Each session has your account login saved making it faster to create tasks

  • What is Cheapest Shipping? box?

    • Check this box if you'd like to purchase your product with the cheapest shipping option available

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