What's Automations?

Complete guide on Automations

What's Automations? Supported Sites Supported Regions Getting Started Creating Automation Events

What's Automations?

Automations let you run for your desired products without using any of your proxy resources. Stellar will monitor the product for you. When you create and activate an automation event, the product is added to Stellars lightning fast monitors, which will check for restocks 24/7. Once the product restocks, your tasks will automatically be created and started to add to cart and checkout. Tasks will be removed from the Tasks tab after 5 minutes. Please note that Automations are for restocks and drops only, not for in-stock products

Supported Sites

To view the current supported sites, please navigate in bot to the Automations tab > Click "+ Add Event" button

Looking for a site that's not listed below? Let us know and we'll look into adding automation support ASAP

Supported Regions

BestBuy: US only

Shopify: Any region

Is your region not supported? Let us know and we'll look into adding your region support ASAP

Getting Started

You'll need to make sure and have a few things ready before you start creating Automation events

  1. Identities tab has your accounts/sessions (Retail accounts and at least one IMAP session)

  2. Profiles tab has saved profiles to be used for checkout

  3. Discord webhook is updated with your current webhook URL

Creating Automation Events

  1. In bot, navigate to the Automations tab > Click "+ Add Event" button > Select your site

  1. Select the mode and create tasks as you normally would, fill in the appropriate fields

Stellar will select the first profile from the profile group you chose for the automation event. If you want to use all profiles in your group (e.g., 30 profiles), set the task quantity to match the number of profiles in your group (30). Stellar will then select all 30 profiles; otherwise, it will select profiles in order starting from the first one

  1. After you click Save, you'll see a newly created Automation Event is set to Idle by default and will need to be toggled on to be activated. Once an event is activated, the status will change to Active and your product is now being monitored with Stellars lightning fast monitors

  1. While your event is Active and a restock has happened, a new task group will automatically be created and tasks will automatically be started so they can add the product(s) to cart and checkout

  2. You'll be notified via Discord webhook when Stellar has picked up a restock and when an Automation Task group has been created and started

  1. After a restock has occurred, these Automation tasks will be removed from the Tasks tab after 5 minutes. Your Automations event(s) will remain Active until your toggle them off

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