What is Serverside monitoring?

What is Serverside monitoring?

Normally when you're running your tasks, you're either using a proxy or your local ip to monitor and check for restocks. Serverside monitoring removes the need to use your proxies or local IP to monitor. Serverside can run alongside your normal monitor tasks, whichever picks up that the sku is in stock first will alert your tasks

Which sites support Serverside? Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft, Sam's Club, Costco and Best Buy (beta testing) right now with plans on adding more sites in the future

How do I turn on Serverside? You simply turn on Serverside monitoring by clicking "Watch Task?" box at the bottom of your tasks if the box is there

For Walmart, if you're running SKUs from a default tag group, serverside is automatically being used

Note: Amazon Special and Experimental tasks are Watch Tasks by default

Is there a list of which items are being monitored with Serverside?

Open Stellar -> Tags tab -> View SKUs -> All SKUs that are in the default tags list are being monitored serverside

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