What is Tags?

Tags feature is a different way to monitor specific items with tag words. Currently tags are supported for both Amazons Experimental mode and Special mode. Walmart only has Tags for Server mode. If you're using Tags on Walmart you can also run monitor tasks to ensure you pickup the product. The benefit of tags is a much simpler and cleaner way to run groups of SKUs

What are the default tags and SKU list?

You can view the SKUs in each tag group by going to Tags tab and View SKUs

Note: Tags are case sensitive

How many tasks should I run for each tag?

You can run however many you can handle without bans. I recommend starting with a low number of tasks and increase the number slowly over time.

How do I use Tags?

Enter the specific tag in the Input List field. The list of tags and SKUs in each tag group are above.

When Stellar's serverside monitor or your monitor task picks up that something is in stock in the specific tag you entered, your task will auto switch to that SKU for 30 minutes then go back to the original Tag

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