How to set up Discord Notifications?

Complete guide to setup Discord Notifications

How to make a Discord Webhook?

Create a Discord Server

  1. Click on + symbol located at the bottom of your Discord server list

  1. A window will appear. Click on "Create My Own"

  1. Next prompt, click "For me and my friends"

  1. Lastly, name your server

Create Text Channel & Webhook URL

1. Create a new Text Channel by clicking the dropdown arrow by your server name and click "Create Channel"

2. Hover over the text channel and click the gear icon

3. Click "Integrations"

4. Click the blue "Create Webhook" button

5. Name the webhook whatever you may like and double check that the channel that you want the notifications sent to is correct

6. Click "Copy Webhook URL" and paste your discord webhook in the appropriate field(s)

Note: You may want to have a separate text channel and webhook for "Monitor Webhook"

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