How do I turn on/off cart and checkout sounds?

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab of StellarAIO

  2. Navigate to the Sounds category in the Settings tab

  3. Use the toggles on the right hand side to turn the cart and checkout sounds on and off

    Notes: Default cart and checkout audios are already implemented into the bot (cart.mp3 and checkout.mp3) If you're running StellarAIO on a server there's a chance you will not be able to hear cart and checkout sounds

  4. If you would like to set your own cart and checkout sounds, click the yellow Browse buttons. Once done so a browser will appear where you can navigate to your mp3 file which can be selected in order to import into StellarAIO

    If the mp3 has an icon on your desktop screen then find the mp3 in the Desktops category of the browser as shown above

    Or if the mp3 is downloaded into your desktop's files you can navigate to the Downloads category and select the mp3 there

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