How do I set up Rakuten Cashback?

Complete guide on Rakuten Cashback

What's Rakuten?

Which sites are supported in Stellar?

Creating Rakuten Token

Inserting Rakuten Token in bot

Now what do I do?

What's Rakuten?

Rakuten is a cashback site that rewards users for taking their cashback offers

After making an eligible purchase, users will earn Cash Back and get a check or PayPal payment every quarter. The amount of Cash Back received depends on the brand being ordered from and can range from 1% to around 20%

Cashback percentages change weekly so make sure you're on top of it and you can also sign up for emails when you favorite specific stores on their website

Which sites in Stellar can I use Rakuten Cashback?

  • Asics

  • Apple

  • ASOS

  • Barnes and Noble

  • Best Buy

  • Box Lunch

  • Build-A-Bear

  • Crocs

  • Fanatics

  • Five Below

  • Funko Shop

  • Hobby Lobby

  • Hot Topic

  • Kohl's

  • Lego

  • Lids

  • New Balance

  • NFL Shop

  • Sephora

  • Shop Disney

  • Stanley 1913

  • Target

  • Walmart

Create a Rakuten Token

  1. Go to and create an account or sign in if you already have an existing account

  1. After you've successfully signed in, open Dev Tools by pressing CTRL + Shift + i simultaneously. Then press CTRL + F to search for the word EUID. The long string of numbers and letters is your Rakuten Token

  1. Copy your Rakuten Token that follows "euid":"it's about 290 characters long

Inserting the Rakuten Token in bot

  1. Paste the entire Rakuten Token into the correct field showed below

StellarAIO > Settings > General > Rakuten Token

Now what do I do?

  1. When creating tasks in bot, you'll see the supported sites with a "Use Rakuten?" checkbox. Check this box on all of your tasks

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