What is a proxy?

A proxy is a way to mask your own IP which can be used to run multiple tasks at once without having to worry about getting your localhost IP from getting banned. Multiple types of proxies can be used.

The best proxy type in terms of speed and discreetness are ISPs. ISPs are basically a mix of DC proxy speeds and Residential proxies hiddenness.

DC proxies tend to be super fast, but in return get banned easily due to the reason that they can get traced back to a corporation or data center that is associated with it.

Residential proxies are known to be the slowest of the bunch, but in return, these proxies are least likely to get banned as they are linked to a home address. It is recommended to use these proxies for sites that tend to ban proxies pretty easily. Since Residential proxies can be generated in mass, you will be able to create a huge pool of proxies that StellarAIO can rotate through in case of any proxy bans. Keep in mind that Residential proxies are only functional if you have enough data allocated. This data is like your cellular plan and how much data of service you get.

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