Should I use DC, Residential, or ISP Proxies?

  • ISP Proxies

    • ISP Proxies are on a data center server supported by an ISP network circuit. This gives added advantages against bans on a large scale as the IPs appear as residential while producing speeds as fast as DC proxies. These proxies are the best type to use for the majority of the sites we support on StellarAIO

  • DC Proxies

    • Datacenter proxies are meant to be fast but in return is very easily traced back to the corporation or datacenter associated with it. These proxies work best for sites that do not ban easily.

  • Residential Proxies

    • Residential proxies are not meant to be super fast, but are meant to be the least likely to be banned. This might sound like a downside, but in return you are able to generate thousands of proxies at once to be able to cycle through any proxies that do get banned. Keep in mind that usage is based off of how much data you have purchased along with your plan of residential proxies.


  • If you wanted the best type of proxies to get, we recommend ISP proxies since the majority of sites can be used with these type of proxies. A good backup to have are a few GBs of Residential proxies to have in case for sites that may ban fast. Some examples of sites to use Residential proxies on are Newegg, GameStop, AMD, and PokemonCenter.

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