Purchase In-Bot Proxies

In order to have the ability to purchase proxies, one must first create a Proxy Group.

All Proxies are fulfilled through our preferred proxy partner, Stella Proxies.

Purchase Daily ISP and DC Proxies for as low as 10 Cents per day.

We currently only offer DC and ISP Proxies in these quantities.

50 ISP or DC proxies for $10 - $.20 per IP

100 ISP or DC Proxies for $15 - $.15 per IP

250 ISP or DC Proxies for $25 - $.10 per IP

Select your respective Quantity and be taken to a Stripe Checkout Page.

After successfully checking out, your order will automatically be on the ISP&DC Proxy Group Tab.

Note: One Must Copy and Paste the Daily Proxies into the "Custom" Group in order to utilize the proxies within Tasks.

Purchasing Residential Proxies

Our Stella Partnership allows the best quality and price for Residential proxies on the market.

1 GB of Residential Data - $12 per GB

2 GB of Residential Data - $10 per GB

4 GB of Residential Data - $9 per GB

All Premium Residential Data are valid for 30 Days.

Follow these steps to Generate Proxies.

  1. Create a Residential Proxy Group

  2. Click Proxy Generation

  3. Select your Desired Pool and Proxy Type as well as your desired number of residential proxies. Once generated, the proxies will be automatically saved to your proxy group.

Note: If you currently do not have a Stella Proxies Account, we will automatically create one for you with the email attached to your Discord account. All Purchases are accessible and visible from the Stella Dashboard

Have Questions about Stella Proxies?

Join the Discord Server for 24/7 support! They offer 24/7 support in the Discord

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