What is the Proxies tab?

Proxies Tab
The Proxies tab will help you maintain your proxies in proxy groups which can be organized into specific proxy groups or can maintain all your proxies in a singular proxy group. You will be able to test speeds and check for any dead proxies to filter out.
What is the "New Proxy Group" button?
  • The New Proxy Group button will allow you to create a proxy group that you can name to have a more organized experience. These proxy groups will allow you to input as many proxies as you feel.
What is the "Manage Proxies" button?
  • After successfully creating a proxy group, this button will allow you to input proxies. After inputting proxies, you will be able to test or delete them whenever you feel.
What is the "Select Site" dropdown menu?
  • The Select Site dropdown menu will allow you to select one of four sites on which you can test your proxies. Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Google.
What is the "Test All" button?
  • After selecting a site you want to test one, pressing the Test All button will allow you to test all your proxies at once for a speed test. Note that testing all proxies at once may affect speeds and can possibly be inaccurate. Testing proxies one by one is recommended for more accurate speeds.