How Do I J1g My Profiles?

Complete guide on j1gging
What's j1gging?
J1gging allows you to create many profiles from an actual default profile. Shipping information, billing information, and payment information are all included in a profile. A typical person has one or two profiles, but with j1gging, you can create hundreds. Having extra profiles enables you to scale up your setup, create more accounts on websites, increase your chances of hitting, and increase the product quantity

What you'll need before you get started j1gging

  1. 1.
    Decide on how many profiles you want to create. Ex. 100
  2. 2.
    "X" number of email addresses ready to be pasted into spreadsheet cells. You can buy, generate or hand make these email accounts, I personally recommend to buy bulk gmails or outlooks with email access
  3. 3.
    Credit cards for the "x" number of profiles you want to make. If you want to make 100 profiles, you'll need 100 unique credit cards. You can use Virtual Credit Cards like Privacy, Slash, Revolut etc. to link a checking account with these VCC providers. You can also look into Credit Card VCCs like Amex, Capital One and Citi
  4. 4.
    Patience. This process takes some time, I don't recommend doing this if you're in a rush

Video Guide Step By Step Instructions to J1g Using Spreadsheet

Step By Step Instructions to J1g Using Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is formatted to work with Stellars required format. This will not work for other bots
  1. 1.
    Open this Google Spreadsheet and Make a Copy
  1. 2.
    Please read the first tab "Instructions"
  2. 3.
    Move onto the second tab "New Profiles" and replace line B2 with your real actual information, this will be your default profile and the spreadsheet will j1g some of this info into the rows below
  3. 4.
    Paste your list of emails into B3 through the rest of B column
  4. 5.
    For cells C3 and below, these phone numbers will automatically be updated using the area code from the phone number in C2.
    • Once you're satisfied with your phone number list, copy cells C3 and below and CTRL + SHFT + V to paste the values without the formula so the formula doesn't keep randomizing the phone numbers every time you make a spreadsheet change
  5. 6.
    For D column, copy =index('Random Names'!$A$2:$A,RANDBETWEEN(1,counta('Random Names'!$A$2:$A))) and paste into D3 and drag sequence down
  6. 7.
    For E Column is much more personal preference but I like to leave my last name the same so if any delivery partners give me issues I can show them last name matches
  7. 8.
    For G Column, copy =J1gs!A2 & " " & $G$2 and paste into G3 and drag sequence down. This will use the 3 letter j1g in front of your address
    • To use 3 letter j1g in the middle of your address, copy =left($G$2, Find(" ", $G$2)) & " " & J1gs!A12 & " " & MID($G$2, FIND(" ", $G$2) + 1, LEN($G$2)) and paste anywhere into G3 and drag sequence down
  8. 9.
    For Columns I to T, most cells should auto populate from the formulas in the spreadsheet
  9. 10.
    Very last step and the most tedious step is to enter in your payment information in Columns U to Z
    • You can use Virtual Credit Cards like Privacy, Slash, Revolut etc. to link a checking account with these VCC providers. You can also look into Credit Card VCCs like Amex, Capital One and Citi. Keep in mind some VCC providers merchant lock the card if its first use, for example if you use a privacy vcc to purchase something from Target you cant use that same vcc for Adidas
  10. 11.
    Once you're satisfied with your new profiles it's time to download "New Profiles" tab as CSV file

Convert CSV to JSON

  1. 1.
    Now it's time to convert this CSV file to a JSON file formatted for Stellar. Download and install Stellar CSV to JSON Converter
  2. 2.
    Create a new folder under "Downloads" and you can name it "Stellar CSV to JSON"
  1. 3.
    Move the Stellar CSV to JSON Converter to the new folder
  1. 4.
    Now move the CSV file you downloaded from Google Sheets into the new folder
  1. 5.
    Once your new folder contains both the Converter application and the CSV file, you can start the Converter by double clicking on it. You'll notice there's now a third file in that new folder, it's your csv file converted into Stellar JSON format ready to be imported into Stellar
  1. 6.
    Open Stellar > Profiles tab > Create new Profile group > Import button
  1. 7.
    Now select the Profile JSON file you just created and click "Import"
  1. 8.
    You can now view your new profiles in bot
With these new profiles you can now use Stellars account generator to create accounts using these profiles, use these profiles for guest checkout purchases and much more