What is the Profiles tab?

A complete guide on the StellarAIO Profiles tab

Profiles Tab

The Profiles tab will allow you to create profiles to utilize with the bot to create tasks. These profiles will be used to bot the site you choose and use your information to have items shipped to your house and bought on your information.

What is the "New Profile Group" button?

  • The New Profile Group button will allow you to create a profile group that can contain multiple profiles inside. These profile groups with multiple profiles in them can be used to create multiple tasks at once.

What is the "Add Profile" button?

  • Clicking on the Add Profile button after creating a task group will allow you to create a profile with a profile name, email, phone number, shipping, billing, and card information.

What is the "Import" button?

  • Clicking on the Import button will prompt up a File Explorer tab which will allow you to select a file that can contain profiles. You can get these files by exporting directly from StellarAIO or using third-party software such as AYCD, Essentials, and more.

What is the "Export" button?

  • Clicking on the Export button will export any profiles inside the profile group into a file that can be used to import into StellarAIO.

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