Sessions Overview

In-depth guide on sessions

Firstly navigate to the sessions tab of StellarAIO

  1. Each site has their own categories for sessions

  2. The "Add Session" option is used to add a new session for a certain site - Make sure to be in a site specific category before clicking add session

  3. Sessions last for certain times depending on the user. Sessions dont last for one set amount of time!

  4. Make sure to checkout each session's individual guide for more information on each

  5. When adding a session for any site click the "Add Session" button in the top right corner, name the session, and lastly press "Save"

  6. The pencil icon is used to edit the session, the middle icon (orange colored and kind of looks like two pages on top of each other) is used to clone or copy a session, and the trash can is used to delete a session

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