How do I add a session or mass import sessions?

In-depth guide on adding accounts

This guide also applies to accounts

  • To use the account addition and mass import features click the accounts tab instead of sessions tab in sessions section of bot


Sessions Page Overview

How To Add Sessions

How To Mass Import Sessions


Firstly, navigate to the sessions page in StellarAIO

Sessions Page Overview

  1. Websites

    1. Click each respective site to add a session or account (or mass import sessions or accounts) to this specific site

  2. Tabs

    1. To switch between adding sessions and accounts click the tabs at the top of the screen

How To Add Sessions

  1. Click a site you want to add a session to

    1. In this example I'm going to be adding an Amazon session

      1. Please be aware that different site session addition settings may need different things. To find specific instructions navigate to that respective site guide on Intercom

  2. Click Add Session

  3. Give your session a name and click save

  4. To add credentials and information to this newly created session click the edit icon next to it

Edit Session

  • Region

    • Select the region your account is based in

  • Login Proxy

    • The login proxy you want the session to login to your account with

    • To use localhost, type in "local"

  • Account Email

    • Email of your account

  • Account Password

    • Password of your account

  • 2FA Authenticator Key

    • 2FA key of Amazon account

    • For more information on this please view the Amazon Intercom guide

  • Login Method

    • The method of logging into the account you want to use

How To Mass Import Sessions

  1. Click the Mass Import Sessions button

  2. Follow the format given to import multiple amount of sessions at a time

    1. The format here is Email;Password;IP;Region

      1. You would input the corresponding information for the account in each section of the format

      2. For more information on formats please view the site respective guide

  3. Click Save

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