How do I set up the Captcha Harvester ?

How do I set up the Captcha Harvester?

Note: Captcha solvers use your Chrome Browser so you'll need Google Chrome installed

  1. Go to the Captchas Tab and click Add Captcha

  2. For Site, Solver Type and Checkpoint you can leave these fields as All unless you would like to dedicate specific solvers to specific sites then you can change the Site field to whichever retailer you would like

  3. If you would like to use a specific proxy ip to solve captchas please enter the proxy ip in the Enter Proxy field

  4. Click on the red YouTube button and sign in

  5. After you successfully signed in, you can close YouTube. Then you can click the purple Save button and you're all set! If you selected "Solver" as your Captcha on your tasks, the harvester will open automatically when its time to solve Captchas manually. For Shopify the Solver is default and will automatically open, you don't need to select Solver in task. You can solve all Captchas with just one Harvester, you don't need to have multiple harvesters open

    If you're having any issues with Captchas not appearing or they stopped appearing, you can clear your cookies by clicking the orange eraser. You'll have to sign back in again if you clear cookies.

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