What is the Captchas tab?

Captchas Tab

The Captchas tab will allow you to create captcha solvers which will allow you to sign into One-Click Gmails and solve captchas for sites that might require captchas such as Newegg, AMD, Walmart, GameStop, and Shopify.

What is the "Add Captcha" button?

  • The Add Captcha button will allow you to create more captcha solvers to use in case if you need more. One reason to create multiple captcha solvers is that you may have multiple One-Click Gmails you can use in these solvers. Another reason could be that you have multiple tasks that require captchas to be solved.

What do we input in the "Enter Proxy" box?

  • Technically, you can leave this box blank. Leaving the box blank will have the solvers use your localhost IP. Inputting a proxy is completely optional and not required in order to have functional captcha solvers.

What does the box with the arrow popping out button do?

  • Clicking this button will have the captcha solver pop up physically which will allow you to solve them. Click this button before running tasks so you don't miss any captchas.

What does the YouTube box do?

  • Clicking the YouTube box will allow you to sign in to your Google account in order to use it to solve captchas.

What does the eraser button do?

  • Clicking the eraser button will log you out of your Google account and clear any information from that captcha solver.

What does the trash can button do?

  • Clicking the trash can button will delete the captcha solver altogether.

What does the floppy disk button do?

  • The floppy disk button will save any information that was used on the captcha solver such as logging into your Gmail account, setting a proxy, or just clearing the information.

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