How do I move StellarAIO to a new PC/Server?

How do I move Stellar to a new PC/Server?

Note that in order to transfer any saved information from your old machine to a new machine, you must transfer the config.json file and managed files (steps provided further below)

  1. Go to the Stellar Dashboard and sign in

  2. Click on Reset Key button so you can attach your key to your new machine

  3. Download Stellar to your new machine and enter your key

How do I locate and transfer my config.json/managed files?

  1. Click on the magnifying glass on the bottom left of your taskbar and type %appdata%

  2. Find the StellarAIO folder and expand it by double clicking on it

  3. Find the config.json file

  4. Copy and paste the config.json file to your desktop temporarily

  5. Email this file (located on your desktop) to yourself and download the file to your new machine

  6. Paste the config.json file to the StellarAIO folder on your new machine

  7. A message will appear and make sure you click "Replace the file in the designation"

  8. Now open Stellar on your new machine and all your saved information will be there!

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