Botting Terminology

Complete Guide of Botting Terminology

Terms And Vocabulary

  • AIO or AIO Bot - "All in one", a type of bot that usually supports many sites. For example, StellarAIO is an AIO bot that supports many different site types such as Amazon, BestBuy, Target, Walmart, Shopify, Nike, Footsites and Supreme

  • AWS - "Amazon Web Services", a virtual server provider. See Server.

  • Brick - A shoe or another item that will not be profitable.

  • Bypass - A shortcut or workaround. Typically bots introduce bypasses to avoid captchas, queues etc

  • Captcha - Anti-bot measure that many sites utilize. Usually "I am not a robot" and selecting pictures out of a 3x3 grid.

  • Clipped - Banned/No longer works

  • Cook Group - Discord or Slack group with botting, sneaker and reselling info and guides.

  • Cop - To buy or purchase something.

  • Datacenter (DC) Proxies - Faster than residential proxies but easier to be banned by sites. Usually purchased in packs of 10, 25, 50, etc for intervals of 1-30 days of usage.

  • Delay - Millisecond intervals used on bots. See Monitor Delay and Retry Delay

  • Early Link (EL) - Links usually provided by Cook Groups that are scraped from the back ends of sites, hand made or given by stores to increase your bots checkout speed. Also helpful for manual users without bots.

  • Footsites - Footlocker (FTL), Footaction (FTA), Eastbay, Champs. These are all owned by the same company and all the sites function in the same way.

  • GCS - Google Cloud, a virtual server provider. See Server.

  • Group Buy (GB) - Exclusive opportunities provided by bots and Cook Groups to purchase out of stock bots, proxies, tools or programs for their retail price or a discount. These are usually limited similar to bot restocks but only people in that Cook Group can go for the product.

  • ISPs - Internet Service Provider. These type of proxies have no data cap and usually are a monthly set price

  • Keywords (KWs) - A way that bots can monitor for products on a website, usually used with + and - symbols. For example, "+air,+jordan,-3,-5"

  • Monitor Delay - How often your bot refreshes a page or website to monitor for a new product.

  • OOS - "Out of Stock"

  • Proxies - Virtual IP addresses used to mask mass amounts of requests coming from your bot on one IP address, needed to avoid IP bans. See Datacenter (DC) Proxies and Residential (Resi) Proxies.

  • Residential (Resi) Proxies - Slower than DC proxies but more reliable on sites with high bot protection. Usually purchased by the gigabyte and function similar to a phone's data plan. More usage uses more data quickly and you will run out. For example, 1gb, 2gb, 4gb plans and they usually expire after 30-60 days depending on the provider.

  • Retry Delay - How often your bot retries to complete a task after encountering an error.

  • Server - A virtual computer with good specs and a good connection used to run bots. Usually located in the same location as a websites server that you are botting and the same location as your proxies.

  • Serverside - A way to monitor items without using your proxies. You can use serverside monitoring instead of client side.

  • Sitelist - A list provided by a Cook Group for each release which mentions every site dropping a certain product with details about each site.

  • Slots - A service provided by a trustworthy, experienced botter which involves them using your payment information and shipping info to purchase limited items for you, you are usually charged a set Pay After Success (PAS) by them.

  • WTB - Want to buy.

  • WTS - Want to sell.

  • WTT - Want to trade.

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