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Cook Groups and Proxies

Cook Groups and Proxies

We are aware that botting may be brand new to some of you, but we still think Stellar is a great starting point to start cooking
Some common things you might not be knowledgeable of are Cook Groups and Proxies
  • What is a Cook Group?
    • A cookgroup is a discord server (usually) that helps you to purchase items that you can flip for a profit. Not only do they help you, they supply information on the products, help with bots (like StellarAIO), the products themselves, SKUs/OIDs of the products, and more.
  • What are Proxies?
    • Proxies are individual IP addresses that you use to not look suspicious to the retailer you are botting. Each task when you are botting will have a different proxy/IP address linked to them. If a retailer sees your IP address or another one being used multiple times, then they will most likely be banned.
So what about which Cook Group and Proxies to choose?
No problem! We have the best cook group and proxy recommendation for you. And since you have Stellar you will get special offers and discounts for both of them

Hidden Society Cook Group

  • Hidden Society is the best cookgroup - Unlock the secrets of wealth-building with exclusive information for rising entrepreneurs. Our community is built on the principles of secrecy and exclusivity – little is known about what goes on behind closed doors. Whether you're just starting out in the reselling game or you're a seasoned pro looking to take your business to the next level, this is the perfect community for you.

Stella Proxies

  • Stella proxies are the best proxies for retail botting without a doubt! These proxies will help speed up your setup and will get around site issues and obstacles. Not only this but Stella proxies offers tons of discounts and special offers all the time