Getting Started with StellarAIO

In-depth guide on getting started with StellarAIO

So you just got Stellar and don't know where to start? You're in the right place! We will let you know step by step on how to get started with StellarAIO.

We also have all the guides referenced in the step by step instructions below!

  • Once you have acquired your Stellar key, you're going to want to Download Stellar Windows and Mac.

  • Now it's time to start setting up your Stellar settings! It's very important to go through the settings tab and enter any information you can. For example, we recommend setting up your Discord Webhook so you're notified when Stellar successfully checked out and other notifications.

  • Setup your Captcha Harvester/Solver so you'll be able to solve Captchas manually if needed. For example, some modules like AMD require you to solve Captchas manually (You can't use any Captcha provider services to solve Captchas for you for AMD) you'll need Google Chrome installed on your PC

  • Setup your Accounts so you'll have all of your emails and passwords to each account readily accessible. Some modules like Walmart have items that you'll need an account to purchase and is less likely for your orders to get canceled if you used an account.

  • Setup your Sessions so you'll be able to stay logged into your accounts for a longer period of time and less errors going forward. Right now the only two modules that need Sessions setup are Target and Amazon.

  • Setup your Proxies so you're able to mask your local/server IP and you'll be able to monitor and checkout multiple items. Having multiple proxy groups (ISPs, DCs and Resis) is recommended so if you're having issues with one group then you can use another as your backup

    • If you're looking for proxies, check out Stella Proxies for high quality ISP and Residential proxies

  • Setup your Profiles so all of your personal information (billing, shipping and payment information) is saved in Stellar. Each task and session you make is tied to a certain profile so make sure you're choosing wisely or you may receive shipping/payment issues.

  • Setup your Tasks there is where you will be able to monitor and checkout items! It's very important when creating tasks to know what all of the fields and checkboxes mean. If you're ever unsure what a field is then you can go to that actual modules guide where all of the fields are explained there. For example, if you're unsure what each mode does you can go to the Target and there's a breakdown.

Important Notes:

  • We always recommend to be on the latest version of Stellar. There are always stability and antibot improvements on the later versions

  • Take full advantage of the StellarAIO Guide it's constantly updated and has very general baseline setups for most major sites

  • Proxies aren't required to run Stellar but are highly recommended. Using proxies will reduce order cancelations and blocks from sites

    • If you're looking for proxies, check out Stella Proxies for high quality ISP and Residential proxies

  • You may find it beneficial to join a cookgroup, this group will supply you with everything you need to know when botting. They provide product information, upcoming releases, early access links, passwords for sites and many other benefits

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